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Our family

We're Chad and Bree. We're high-school sweethearts and first time parents to our sweet handsome baby boy, Arlo Mark.

We've set up house and home in the foothills of Albuquerque, a city we love and believe in. We each own (or co-own) our own businesses, and believe in investing in where God has placed us. 

And He has placed us here. 

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about me 

How to summarize? I’m an Ennegram Type 1. That’s explains it, right?!

I’m 28. I was raised in a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing household and I have seen the faithfulness of the Lord time and time again in my life. Whenever I’m tempted to doubt, I’m brought back to believing because of His evident Love for me. I don’t deserve it.

I was born in Lancaster, California and spent my formative years in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, a small mountain town just east of Albuquerque. My parents raised me and my brother together and through the seasons of challenges that came from my dad’s mental illness up until the time he committed suicide in January of 2011. (My mom wrote a book about her life with him. My brother and I contributed chapters. You can find it here.)

I love reading and writing, slow mornings, summer evenings, and the smell of coffee brewing. I love throwing things away and organization. I don’t love exercise, assumptions, or spiders.

My husband taught me that attitude is everything, and I think that thankfulness wards off bitterness and discontentment.


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