The Proposal

On the cliffs of a Santa Barbara beach, I convinced Bree that we were merely on a date night adventure to catch the sunset. She had no idea that I had prepared a proposal or even had a ring. I was capturing footage like I had been earlier that day, so her suspicions were low. I found the right spot and asked her to stand in the frame so I could "pull focus", pressed record, and did it! She was genuinely surprised. 

Engagement Photos

Official Wedding Video

by Drew Schrimsher

Father/Daughter Dance


After losing a loved one to suicide, Levi and Bree wrote a song about the experience with their friend Gage (To Speak of Wolves). This video shares their story and shows the value of art and community in laying a foundation for healing.


Since my dad died, I dreaded the "Father-Daughter Dance" portion of every wedding I attended. I always imagined my own wedding and how I would never have that moment. After I got engaged, I was determined to find a way to keep my dad a part of our day. I asked my brother to create a slideshow with pictures of my dad and I, set to the song we had chosen years ago for this specific occasion. Even though there were a lot of tears, there was a lot of joy too, and a kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. 

I miss you, daddy. So glad Jesus let me come live in your house. 


Album : Find Your Worth, Come Home 2012

To Speak of Wolves featuring Levi the Poet and Bree Macallister

The Inspiration


My grandparents, Bob and Sally McEwen, have long since set my standard high for an ideal relationship. Their love for Jesus, each other, their family, and others has always been evident and inspiring to me. 

As a little girl, I would dig into my grandmother's cedar chest and pull out old photos and journals, living moments of her life through her memories. I loved the immediate fondness my grandparent's had for each other at the ages of 14 and 15. The fondness that grew into admiration, then adoration, then love. 

Their example has helped teach me of sacrifice and perseverance in love. Gawa and Boppa, I'm so thankful for you.