Wild + Crazy

February 19, 2016 : The Bachelorette Party

It was the night before the big day and the whole family was finally in town. Mom with her mom (Gawa to me), her two sisters (Jamie and Jill), her daughter-in-law (Brandi), and her daughter (hi) set out around four to start the festivities! First, we went for manicures and pedicures at a little shop off State Street, then we moseyed over to Macy’s for some new makeup. Most moseyed while still wearing the foam sandals they were given after their pedicures.

From there we took the last trolley down to the ocean front. Jill provided the trolley toll in the quarters she proudly carried with her in a Ziplock baggy. (Lucky she happened to have had a garage sale the week before). Gawa led the group onto the trolley but with both feet mounted, she then tested us all in an impromptu trust fall. Us five remaining women caught her gracefully and hoisted her back up into a standing position. 

At the very bottom of State, we got off the trolley and walked a block over to a restaurant called “The Fish House.” Jill scoped out the situation and landed us a prime spot on the back deck under a heating lamp. We got there just in time for happy hour, so we each ordered a cocktail and some variation of fish tacos. Our dinner conversation was filled with questions for mom about her relationship with Greg. When she first knew, when he first knew, when she first knew he knew… stuff like that. We joked and laughed and relaxed and enjoyed each other and most importantly, celebrated my mom. She opened a gift, we left the restaurant together, and we waited on the curb for our Uber ride. 

And that was my mom’s wild, crazy night on the town! I think it was pretty perfect myself. 

Mom had asked me a few days before if I wanted to stay with her that night in the house where she was going to be married. How could I refuse?! It was my first night away from Chad since he and I got married… but it was worth it. For one more night, it was just me and my mommy like it used to be. We laughed at nothing and everything for an hour or so, then fell asleep. Tomorrow, she would be married. 

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