Starting Somewhere. (pt 2)

While Chad is wildly creative, my gifting in more administrative. And actually, our differences make it possible for us to work together really well, since we both have our own focus. I'm thankful for that because it let's me be a part of the things he's doing without us clashing (much). 

Through discovering the working aspects that I really thrive in and enjoy, I've actually had a lot of really great and unexpected opportunities come up within the last several months that have allowed me to do more of what I love. In the middle of praying for peace and provision months ago, I heard from my friend Ruthie Lindsey, a photo and event stylist/decorator, and all around wonderful human-being, about helping her with some of her upcoming projects. 

Weld  (Creative Space Design)   Photo by  @judsoncollier

Weld (Creative Space Design) 

Photo by @judsoncollier

DSW  (Christmas Campaign)   Photo by  @bethanymarieco

DSW (Christmas Campaign) 

Photo by @bethanymarieco

Amtrak / Passion Passport  (Passport Express)           Photo by  @christopheramat

Amtrak/Passion Passport (Passport Express)           Photo by @christopheramat

Charity:Water  (Christmas Campaign)                 Photo by  @charitywater

Charity:Water (Christmas Campaign)                 Photo by @charitywater

Sisters of Nature  (Community Dinner)                 Photo by @ sistersofnature

Sisters of Nature (Community Dinner)                 Photo by @sistersofnature

Ruthie was fully the creative mastermind behind each of these projects and she trusted me to help her in the ways that I enjoy the most. Over the past few months I've been making a lot of lists, running a lot of errands, tracking a lot of budgets, searching for elements to contribute the the chosen aesthetic, researching price comparisons, organizing a lot of merchandise, making a lot of spreadsheets, and even painting...(not a lot). On top of that I've gotten to meet and spend time with a lot of really incredible, inspiring people. 

I've really always worked a lot. I've always had a normal job and usually that was on top of going to school full time. This "freelance" life is not what I'm used to and most of the time it's not even what I'm comfortable with. In addition to working with Chad and Ruthie, I nanny part time and do hair from my kitchen. Yet still I have slow days and those days drive me crazy. I'm used to being comfortable and having a consistent income. And even though that's not the season I'm in, I am in no way one of those people who thinks that kind of life sucks. That kind of life is great. But during this season I'm in, I'm increasingly thankful for the way God provides. 

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