Starting Somewhere. (pt 1)

Chad and I have been married a little over four months now. Four months! That's seriously close to six months which is half of one whole entire year, you guys! It's pretty wild, the path we're on and the lessons we're learning. 

Lesson 1: How To Be Adults (and how bills are the worst but the things we get to do to pay them are sometimes pretty great.)

Chad is so widely talented, and he works extremely hard at everything he does. His main passions lately and for awhile now have been music (of course), film, and jewelry. He just released his brand new EP, Rocked and Rolled and has been playing with a really great group of guys for some local shows here in Nashville. He's also just finished up a really amazing wedding video that hasn't been made public yet, but trust me it's great! Here's one example of a music video he did for our friends in Poema recently. 

And then there's the jewelry! Since returning to Nashville after our honeymoon, Chad revamped his business website and launched a new online jewelry store featuring all of his newest pieces. For those of you that don't know, Chad is an incredibly talented silversmith. He works primarily with traditional turquoise but has recently branched out to make pieces with White Buffalo turquoise, Onyx, and Tiger's Eye. 

In addition to his online store, his jewelry is stocked in a local shop here in Nashville called Moto Moda, as well as an online vintage shop called Salt Territory. Right now we're working to get three new marketplaces stocked, and are so excited to share that news once all the logistics are squared away. 

To see more, definitely check in at every now and then. The store there is consistently updated with new jewelry, videos, and before long I'm sure there will be some new music too! 

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