Superbowl Sunday

Growing up, the Superbowl was a family event. I imagine it is for most people. Sometimes it was just my little family of four, lounging around the house all day. Sometimes we’d go to friend’s houses and I’d mostly play with the other kids while the adults watched the game. I’d run in to catch the commercials and the last few minutes of the game. That’s the only part that really matters, right?

Superbowl Sunday was one of the very few days a year that my dad would have a beer or two. He would always let my brother and I have a sip. Superbowl Sunday meant my dad would have a constant text conversation with his brother. He would howl with laughter at something my uncle said and that would get the rest of us laughing, which made him laugh even harder. 

After my dad died, I don’t remember paying much attention to the Superbowl. I definitely didn’t make a point to watch it because I’m not so interested in football or any other sport for that matter. I’m bored by watching sports on TV and the few times I actually do pay attention, I get super stressed out over it. Although I will say I’m a forever-fan of the Broncos, mostly out of family loyalty, and I can get very passionate about my team. Over last couple of years, I’ve actually made a point to gather together with friends and watch the big game. Now Superbowl Sunday is back to being on my list of favorite memory-days. 

Today, Chad and I had the slowest morning, catching up on rest after a really busy work week for both of us. We cleaned the house, went by the packed out grocery store, rearranged the living room, and now we’re relaxing and content. In an hour or so, our friends will start to show up and we’ll gather our snacks and drinks and huddle around the TV to pretend like we’re all way more about football than any of us actually are. But it’s an excuse to be together and make memories and laugh. 

It’s been a great day, and I’m excited about the rest of it. Happy Superbowl Sunday, everyone!



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