9:00 AM

I actually slept pretty well the night before the wedding! 


I woke up around 9:00, in my room at my mom's house. We had California family staying with us, so my mom had actually stayed the night down the street with Levi's in-laws. When I woke up, I got dressed and walked there to see her. She greeted me, all excited and huggy, and I broke down in tears! I think I cried for a quite awhile, and I'll just throw out there right away that it wasn't because I was second-guessing anything. It's because I'm incredibly sentimental and change makes me sad. It wasn't that the future wouldn't be better, just that things would never again be the same. 

My mom helped me see that and move forward.  


So to start, I'm just going to give my wonderful mommy a short mention. Through the highs and lows of my life, my mom has been my ever-loving constant. She has celebrated my best days, mourned my worst days, and helped me sift through my confusing days. Our relationship has grown exponentially and I consider her one of my best and truest friends. 

The amount of time and energy she put towards making mine and Chad's wedding day perfect is unreal. She worked so hard with us and for us, covering every logistical detail and taking every panicked phone-call. 

I'm endlessly thankful for the gift that my mom is. I hope that one day I'll be the kind of mother she is. 


After my morning water-works, I defied all logic by eating all on my own, without any outside pressure! I went to Einstein's by myself and ended up getting my breakfast for free because a couple of the employees there recognized me and were excited to congratulate Chad and I on our marriage. It was such a simple reminder that what we were about to embark on was GOOD. And exciting. And something worth celebrating. 

When I got back home, my family cleared out and I had the house to myself for a couple of hours. I put on worship music, packed my things, and finished my vows. It was honestly perfect and just the time I needed to have to myself before I took on the rest of the day. 

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