Marriage + Family

Right after the ceremony, Chad and I hid behind a separate shed and took a few moments for ourselves. There we mostly just looked at each other and said things like, "Dang!", "Ok!", "Wow!", and "We just got married!" We waited for the crowd to clear and then rejoined our families for pictures. 


Then our families went to join the party and Chad and I got to take a few more photos! Which brings me to our amazing photographer.  

Tony Gambino is one of the most awesome photographers I know of, let alone know personally. Chad and I are so thankful to be able to call Tony our friend. He is an innovative, creative, extremely gifted and hard-working entrepreneur. He loves people well, takes care of his family, and enriches the lives of everyone he meets. As far as his photos go, they speak for themselves! I told Tony years ago that if I got married, I'd want him to be the one to capture the day and I couldn't be happier that that's exactly what happened. Thanks for hanging out with us and giving us some beautiful visuals to our memories, Tony! 

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