Friends + Funfetti

We finally got to join the party and hug all of our friends and family at our beautiful reception. Here's just a small glimpse of the great, fun crowd who showed up to support us. We were so blessed by so many, and we couldn't be more thankful! 

We got maybe halfway through a round before the sky got crazy! New Mexico sunsets are near impossible to beat, but I swear ours on this night was even more beautiful than usual. Tony pulled us away for more photos. (He's the best, seriously. Every moment was documented, and I'm so grateful for that.) 

Now the cake wasn't part of the original plan. For the most part, Chad and I cut out all the extraneous wedding traditions. We skipped the ceremony "unity act", we passed on the tossing of anything (garters and bouquets), and there's no way we were about to do a Dollar Dance! (No offense to people that do, we were told we'd make hundreds and that if we were smart we'd do it.) We were about to nix the cake idea too, but it turned out to be kind of a big deal to my mom! For the record, mostly nothing was a big deal to either of our families. They were so low maintenance and supported anything we wanted with no pressure, so when my mom kept subtly mentioning cake, Chad and I decided to have a dang cake. A Funfetti cake! Because what could be better?! 

Then, after our sugar fix, we legally got married. ;)

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